Top End User Priorities in Digital Transformation, Global, 2019

Top End User Priorities in Digital Transformation, Global, 2019

Top End User Priorities in Digital Transformation, Global, 2019

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Across industries, companies expect to increase their IT and Communications investments by 18 to 25%. Almost 99% of businesses have a digital transformation today; however, 18% believe they are behind others on their journey. This is good news for technology vendors; but the key to success is to gain a deeper understanding of their corporate objectives and delivering solutions that solve real problems. This study takes a close look at top company goals across industries, regions and business sizes to discover opportunities for IT and Communications companies. Which technologies will help companies best achieve their corporate goals. Which companies are considered cutting-edge in developing digital solutions?

The overall research objective is to measure the current use and future decision making behavior toward information technology (IT) and communications, specifically: 

  • Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Digital Commerce​
  • Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC)
  • Data Centers & Cloud Infrastructure, Digital Marketing (Omnichannel Marketing,
  • Marketing Automation)
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Cyber Security
  • Enterprise Information Management (Enterprises Content Management)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and
  • Analytics. 

We also gained insights on implementation plans of emerging 
technologies such as:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) 
  • Blockchain, and
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

o Discover the top business objectives and challenges facing companies across verticals and regions
o Understand the IT-related challenges that organizations face today
o Assess the current and future use of IT and communications technologies
o Evaluate factors that drive investments in digital transformation
o Gauge digital transformation trends
o Appraise available IT budgets
o Compare and contrast challenges, drivers, and investments across verticals
o Find gaps in CEO vs. CIO goals and plans

Improving customer experience and satisfaction is the most important business goal for the next two years, followed by improving operational efficiencies, and launching new products and services.
Nearly one-third of respondents believe that enhancing sales and marketing effectiveness, boosting creativity and innovation, and expanding to new markets are among the top 3 priorities for their business growth over the next two years.

Improving operational efficiencies is a top priority in APAC and LA, while enhancing customer experience and satisfaction is the most important corporate goal in NA and Europe.
Over the next two years, half of the Finance, Banking & Insurance and Healthcare sectors plan to focus on customer experience and satisfaction whereas half of the Travel & Hospitality and Retail industries intend to improve operational efficiencies.

Keeping up with new and continuously evolving security threats is a key reason for digital transformation to remain an ongoing process. Security is cited as the number one critical decision making factor. It’s also one of the top reasons companies plan to replace technologies they currently own/use. Ensuring a high level of network security must be a big part of decision making when developing products over the next two years.

There is a correlation between IT investments and end user revenue growth. Combined with an expected increase in IT investments of 22%, vendors have opportunities for growth over the next two years.
Customer satisfaction and improving sales are the major drivers behind the adoption of digital transformation. Companies that are able to effectively help end-user industries to implement a digital transformation strategy will be the winners.

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