The DX 200: The Race For Digital Transformation

The DX 200: The Race For Digital Transformation

                              The DX 200: The Race For Digital Transformation

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To map out a successful Digital Transformation strategy companies need to be in the right gear. Here's a high level framework to help your team win the DX race. 

In today's business environment the rush for Digital Transformation can be akin to making car modifications on race day. While adjustments to strategy, like bolting on new innovative components, has the potential to increase capabilities, rushing the job just to get out of the pits may mean not fully understanding the altered vehicle's new dynamics. Though boosting speed and agility of the machine is a primary objective of the modification, a hasty shift in structural strategy could result in the loss of buy-in and support from your team. The rush to gain innovative advantages could not only blow your engine but it could send your entire organization crashing into the walls. 

Digital transformation, or DX for short, is the pole position priority for the leadership of today's modern enterprises. It's the mandate for the business to adapt and evolve so new opportunities can be captured from the digital boom we're collectively watching unfold. Navigating a successful course to DX can make the difference between an organization racing past the competition or it falling behind the pack, never to catch up.

Much like the twelve-second pit stop however, plotting out a successful DX strategy isn't the easiest thing to do. Between the executive managers on pit row pushing for a specific innovation to win the race, to the board members in the press box, ballyhooing that results aren't being seen quickly enough, to a stadium full of shareholders, who demand ever increasing speed from their investment- steering the car towards a victorious DX is a major challenge for most organizations.

To help get you to full speed on the challenge, here's a high level framework, borrowed in part from the business strategist, Dion Hinchcliffe. It maps out each lap of the DX race and what will be involved from the drop of the green flag to the waving of the checkered. Use it as a launching point as you start mapping out your transformation strategy and getting your organization ready for the race ahead.

The Cloud, Business Technology Trends and the Road Ahead

Cloud technology has had a dramatic impact on how companies of all size view their IT operations and as this Digital Golden-Age continues, you can be sure there's more technological innovations right around the bend.

First 100 Laps (100 Days Prior to DX Initiative) 

Define the Vision and Frame Possibilities

  • Analyze the organization's situation
  • Explore initial possibilities with internal and external stakeholders
  • Honestly assess the external obstacles and internal barriers to change
  • Develop hypothesis of ground rules, key opportunities and acceptable parameters of digital                     innovation and change
  • Create short list of initial new digital markets, channels and matching products and services
  • Articulate mandate and assign decentralized leadership
  • Allocate resources to start

Laps 101 to 200 (100 Days After Start of DX Initiative)

Engage and Enlist the Organization

  • Openly discuss the digital mandate
  • Outline change process, encourage participation
  • Identify and engage change champions
  • Align leadership with network
  • Establish an open community of decentralized change agents
  • Curate and evaluate digital opportunities in the network
  • Establish gating processes to activate on and capture high value digital business opportunities
  • Capturing and storytelling of change trajectory

Laps 201 and Onward (Ongoing Maintenance of DX Strategy)

Sustain Decentralized Transformation

  • Continue evolving portfolio of digital opportunities
  • Replenish agents willing to lead digital change 
  • Refresh resources, executive mandate and support
  • Maintain Continual Cycle
    • Enlist org > Plan Changes > Execute > Measure > Optimize > Renew > Repeat...

Understanding how to plot out a course towards a winning DX strategy is paramount for today's IT leaders.  Download our ebook, 4 Trends Today's IT Leaders Must Masterand learn about four more. 

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