SOC as a Service

Without the Cost and Headache of Managing One!

Detect and respond to Cyber Threats before they impact your business!

Our Team Continuously Monitors, Triages, and Escalates the Most Relevant Threats!

Cyber.Allari assists organizations with developing, implementing, and maintaining the methodologies, technologies, and processes to manage the current cyber threat landscape. Companies are the target of numerous advanced persistent threats and addressing these threats requires a broad base of expertise and knowledge to protect the organization’s data, resources, and personnel.

Our Security Operations services protect your critical data and assets by understanding the current cyber threat environment and the vulnerabilities they exploit to reduce the risk and damage profile of an attack. Cyber.Allari’s Security Operations expertise is offered through the following services:

  • SOC Operations
  • Threat Modeling
  • Hunt Operations
  • Incident Response

Avoid these Devastating setbacks with an Ongoing Cyber-Security Program

When Security is not made a Priority, The Results can be Devastating

Any company – big or small – can be the target of an attack. Minimizing security risk is a complicated task that requires a proper security infrastructure plus constant monitoring, patching, and updating. We’ve been in this game for decades. We know how breaches to your infrastructure, network and applications can cause you pain.

The Cost of Cyber Attacks is up By as Much as 61% in Aggregate this Year*

Small Firms are not Immune: Nearly half (47%) have Suffered a Cyber Attack in the past 12 months (Up from 33% in 2018*

The Impact is Huge: The total Cost for all 3,300 Targeted Firms was around $1.2 Billion*

The Number Of Businesses Reporting Cyber incidents has gone up from 45% last year to 61% in 2019

Single incident Costs are on the Rise: A year ago the largest single incident came in at $34,000, but this year it has jumped to a whopping $200,000.

Hourly Downtime Costs are Significant: On average, a single hour of IT downtime costs them more than $100,000. (ITIC Survey)

Incident Impact is Multiplying: Companies of all sizes can expect to see incidents which will be 3 -18 times larger than what they were a year ago.

The Reputational Risk with your Customers – The PR disaster from security breaches has an overarching, long-lasting effect that can seriously impact your business growth.

(*Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report 2019)

Threat Identification isn’t the Solution. It’s the Starting Point

Our Cyber Readiness Approach is Like Us. Simple Yet Comprehensive

A single lapse or breach can be devastating and we designed Cyber.Allari with that in mind. We believe that IT Security, Cyber Readiness and Streamlined Maintenance and Operation are fundamental backbones to your business. They need to run and they need to stay running.

Helping you Get Clean & Stay Protected is Our Game

Our 24X7 our Dedicated Team of Response Experts is Standing by

Managing and monitoring you’re the integrity of your business in the right way is not only costly and time consuming.  That’s why we brought together our global network of Security Experts & System Engineers to create CYBER.ALLARI to help you: rapidly identify and limit the impact of security incidents to our Go.Allari Customers and provide these services in the most cost-effective manner using our Go.Allari  

On-Demand Platform. These se​​​​rvices are focused on remote 24/7 threat monitoring, detection and targeted response activities.

Need M​​​​ore than Just Security?

Cyber.Allari is part of the Go.Allari IT Operations and Maintenance Service Model. Check Out the most cost effective solution for your IT Operations or setup your Go.Allari No Fee No Obligation Starter Account Now

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Specialized Vulnerability Protection and Remediation Services 

Provided Seamlessly, On Demand – As a Service

What Go.Allari’s IT Leaders Clients Have to Say

Steve Bolin

Detroit, MI

Highly Recommend

I have worked with the team at Allari for a couple of years now. They have proven to be a very good partner for us and have enabled us to be much more efficient and effective in the way we approach troubleshooting and development within our ERP system. John has provided excellent guidance to me in several areas where I am not well versed and his team has delivered on all the projects we have engaged them in. They have also been quick to jump on and resolve problems that we bring to them in our production environment. I highly recommend them.

Dave Amrine

San Francisco, CA

Excellent work

I have worked with the Allari team for several years as a corporate IT Director responsible for applications support.  They provide expert and efficient support for our ERP products and related financial applications. Their "follow the sun" support model works very well, and they have talented on- and off shore teams. The Allari team is very proactive in bringing outside the box solutions to reality, while assuring fundamentals are safeguarded.I highly recommend Allari and its team for all of your IT requirements!

Jeff Mackiewicz

Meadville, PA

Flexible Services

Allari is a huge help and we cannot say enough good things about them. They put in hours and hours worth of work every week on a range of issues and maintenance. Tasks we just did not have the time to address ourselves with a small IT department. We would truly be lost or spending a lot more money if it were not for them. Thank you all so much for what you do for us!

Keith Alvarez

Dallas, TX

Professional Team

I work for Saputo in Dallas and Allari is our System Administrators. They are very professional, very knowledgeable of our ERP system and an excellent support group. Kudos to the Allari team!

Susan Freshwater

Naples, FL

Always there when we need them!

We can’t say enough great things about Allari. They have completed various tasks ranging from small to very complex projects. They most recently helped us switch our website over to a new hosting provider and design theme. They also had to do some upgrades on the various technologies behind the scenes for our ordering system. We needed a quick turnaround and they got it done. They always exceed our expectations. We are so happy (and relieved) to have them on speed dial!