Benefits of Doing the Scan

  • Gain transparency You can’t protect what you don’t see. Our security assessment gives you immediate, global visibility into your JDE assets throughout your entire network, including servers, devices, peripherals, workstations and more. Instantly identify each asset’s hardware or software versions, on-board OS, IP address, open ports, certificate status and end of support dates among other important details.
  • Reduce your exposure - Today, companies of all size are under attack and anyone with an internet connection has the potential for exploit. Our security assessment pinpoints every threat your JDE installation is currently exposed to along with providing links and step by step instructions on what you need to do to remediate each vulnerability.
  • Prevent business loss System downtime, lost revenue, cleanup costs, and loss of trade secrets due to network compromises cost businesses millions each year. Hacks cost an average of $53,000 each for response, investigation, recovery, and prosecution, not including the potentially immeasurable business cost of lost proprietary or confidential data.

What You’ll Get:

  • Value is $ 2,000 to $ 5,000 in purchasing vulnerability scanning software, running the scan and reports. 
  • Comprehensive Network Inventory Mapping including software versions, on-board OS, IP address, open ports, certificate status and end of support dates. 
  • Summary of Your Asset’s Current Exposures and Detailed Lists of Your Vulnerabilities
  • Consultation with a Vulnerability Management Specialist to Help You Prioritize Remediation
  • A recurring quarterly vulnerability program so you can continually keep your environment safe and provide your auditors with proper documentation. 

Strong-Encrypted Vulnerability Scanning

Always Up to date and Secure

Nearly 3/4 (or 74%) of companies are failing to reach the threshold established and are failing the cyber readiness thresholds. Software solutions that leave sensitive scan results on a corporate network, standalone PC or laptop leave a company vulnerable to having these machines compromised by the very vulnerabilities and attacks they are trying to prevent. In addition, this data may be taken offsite, lost, accessed, used or misused without ever leaving a history or audit trail.

That’s why we partnered with Qualys, the best solutions out there, and leader in the top quadrant of the Forrester Wave. By leveraging Qualys scanning platform for you we are able to handle scanning large hybrid IT environments. We chose this tool due to its strong capabilities supporting asset criticality including assigning asset groups dynamically. Its roadmap is pushing the market forward by extending vulnerability management to cover more areas, such as roaming systems, DevOps (CI/CD), containers, cloud, industrial control systems (ICS), and mobile devices.

Our partnership provides you with secure storage of centralized vulnerability data  so that we can maintain encrypted scan results in a secure data vault for our clients to provide the highest level of data protection for our clients, an indelible audit trail of data access, and the ability to create consolidated and historical trend reports that are simply not possible with traditional scanners in our effort to build you a comprehensive solution that  enables you to:

  • Complete, real-time inventory of all IT assets – wherever they reside 
  • Strong capabilities supporting asset criticality including assigning asset groups dynamically
  • Continuous assessment of your global security and   compliance posture
  • Identify zero-day vulnerabilities and compromised assets
  • Able to handle scanning large hybrid IT environments.
  • Automatically patch and quarantine assets
  • Consolidate your security & compliance stacks
  • Drastically reduce your spend



Specialized Vulnerability Protection and Remediation Services 

Provided Seamlessly, On Demand – As a Service

Threat Identification isn’t the Solution. It’s the Starting Point !

Our Cyber Readiness approach is like us. Simple Yet Comprehensive

A single lapse or breach can be devastating and we designed Cyber.Allari with that in mind. We believe that IT Security, Cyber Readiness and Streamlined Maintenance and Operation are fundamental backbones to your business. They need to run and they need to stay running.

  • State of the Art Monitoring Intrusion Detection Tools:          We’ve invested in the best of the market tools and resources to provide your business with the clearest and latest of threat reporting and risk assessment tools to reveal exploits, and uncover previously unknown vulnerabilities, directing and enabling remediation before any harm is done.
  • Multi-Source Risk Assessment Reporting and Validation:      Not only do our reports provide the level of clarity and granularity on an asset by asset and risk or threat level, but its validated against the latest databases and by the CNC or other Security and save you time dealing with false – positives.
  • 3D Network Maps & Asset-By-Asset Health Checks:                 We really can help you get a deep understanding of where you stand. Our 3D – Mapping technology allows you to see your systems and access your vulnerabilities so that your game plan is solid and your assets and vulnerabilities identified and documented for concrete mitigating action.
  • Risk Prioritization and Minimal Outage Multi-Phase Remediation Strategies: We bring in the Project Execution expertise to work with your Business Lead and Security and IT compliance manager to handle ensure that you are on track and your Game Plan executed in a multi- phase manner to ensure minimal planned outages and that everyone in your organization is clear on what is happening.
  • Audit- Ready Documentation and Reporting:                            Never fear that audit again. Our reporting and documentation capabilities are complete. With the Cyber.Allari process we’ll make sure your on task and all on the same page and nothing happens without recording.
  • Ongoing Cyber Readiness Plan and Operations: All IT Maintenance and operations is our bread and butter. Not only will we get you clean but we’ll keep you there.

It's  Comprehensive.

It Uses the Latest Scanning Technology

It References the Latest Vulnerability Databases

It's simple to get going.  And it FREE for a Limited Time. 

Simply click on the button and give us a few details  about your business and where to contact you, we'll send you some information and  and one of our Enterprise Cyber Security Specialists will be in touch to get this going.

Why Wait its Free  & Simple to Get Going 

Avoid these Devastating setbacks with an Ongoing Cyber-Security Program

When security is not made a priority, the results can be devastating

Any company – big or small – can be the target of an attack. Minimizing security risk is a complicated task that requires a proper security infrastructure plus constant monitoring, patching, and updating. We’ve been in this game for decades. We know how breaches to your infrastructure, network and applications can cause you pain.

  • The Cost Of Cyber Attacks Is Up By As Much As 61% In Aggregate This Year*
  • Small Firms Are Not Immune: Nearly Half (47%) have Suffered A Cyber Attack In The Past 12 Months (Up From 33% In 2018*
  • The Impact is Huge: The Total Cost For All 3,300 Targeted Firms Was Around $1.2 Billion*
  • The Number Of Businesses Reporting Cyber incidents has gone up from 45% last year to 61% in 2019
  • Single Incident Costs are on the Rise: A year ago the largest single incident came in at $34,000, but this year it has jumped                             to a whopping $200,000.
  • Hourly Downtime Costs are Significant: On average, a single hour of IT downtime costs them more than $100,000. (ITIC Survey)
  • Incident Impact is Multiplying: Companies of all sizes can expect to see incidents which will be 3 -18 times larger than                               what they were a year ago.
  • The Reputational Risk with your Customers Let’s face it, the PR disaster you can create from  security breaches has overarching and long-lasting reputational effect and can seriously impact your business growth.  (*Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report 2019)

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Helping you Get Clean & Stay Protected is Our Game

Our 24x7 Our Dedicated Team of Response Experts is Standing by

Managing and monitoring you’re the integrity of your business in the right way is not only costly and time consuming.  That’s why we brought together our global network of CNC’s, System admins and Security experts to create CYBER.ALLARI to help you: rapidly identify and limit the impact of security incidents to our Go.Allari Customers and provide these services in the most cost-effective manner using our Go.Allari 

On-Demand Platform. These services are focused on remote 24/7 threat monitoring, detection and targeted response activities.

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