How Does Your Day Stack Up To The Average Leader’s? [Infographic]

How Does Your Day Stack Up To The Average Leader's? [Infographic]

How Does Your Day Stack Up To The Average Leader's? [Infographic]

Today's CXOs have more responsibilities and are putting in more time than ever. But the most successful ones have found balance. How does your day compare?

The saying used to be "the early bird catches the worm", but as shown in this recent CMOE infographic, some of today's most successful business leaders are working morning, noon and night to keep their teams and themselves ahead of the pack. 



1. Maximize Meetings & Messaging  

In today's digital age of connectivity, there are more ways than ever for your valuable time to vanish into thin air, with email, mobile communication and meetings being some of the chief culprits. And while a large portion of the average leader's day must be spent on these activities, the most successful ones apply simple techniques to help them to become email aficionados and meeting masters, allowing them to stay in control of their time investments and prevents these potential pain points from becoming true time sinks. 

2. Trust In The Team

Successes that come from working in teams and helping each other achieve organizational goals can have a lasting impact on the motivation of your team. The average leader only spend 1 hour and 45 minutes on his/her personal tasks and projects and the rest of the time is spent working with teams and people. Today's successful leaders know the power of a great team and have the inherent traits needed to cultivate them.

3. Prioritize Personal Time

Taking time for yourself is crucial for your well being and today's successful leaders are taking the time needed to invest in themselves. Not only are they maintaining time to unwind with family and friends but they're also investing an average of 10 hours per week in themselves for regular exercise and extending their personal development. While juggling between work and personal time can be difficult, through establishing and sticking to a few simple standards, today's successful leaders are managing to find a balance.  


So how do your days stack up to the average leader's day?