Get Fit and Stay Focused with these Office Exercises

Get Fit and Stay Focused with these Office Exercises

Get Fit and Stay Focused with these Office Exercises

Staying fit is a challenge, but with an eight (10) hour office day, it's even harder. These 15 exercises will help you reduce sedentarism and improve your health.

OK, I'll admit it. I sit on one of those inflatable exercise balls from time to time while working at my desk. I bought it thinking it would help me "engage my core" and "improve my posture", along with a host of other benefits the manufacturer purports users will receive. And why not? I sit basically stagnant at a desk for large portions of my day. Might as well try to ward off at least some of the ill effects resulting from a sedentary 9-5. And, though I can't say I've achieved a more engaged core or, as my grandmother reminds me, any better posture, I can say regularly sitting on the ball keeps me mindful of a larger commitment to my health and well being.

Of course, this little gimmick, er, ah... exercise tool, is just one of the multitude of desk-side workout devices available in the marketplace. While this large rubber ball probably ended up in my workspace due to sheer affordability, our health conscience cubical cronies have plenty of other options available to them. From chair mounted resistance bands and under-the-desk treadmills to adjustable desks which allow you to stand while you work, there's no shortage of companies trying to provide a solution for the problem of office inactivity.     

In the end, I think most doctors would agree, there's no exchange for regular strenuous activity throughout our day. And though trying to mix up your sitting routine with one of the exercise tools above may have some benefit, it won't really make up for spending a minimum of 30 solid minutes of vigorous exercise each day. But, if you're looking to "mix it up" a little bit and add some inter-office calisthenics to your daily office routine, below are 15 exercise you can do at your desk without needing to purchase any extra equipment.


Chris Metzger


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