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Let us Help you to:

  • Discover your IT Assets
  • Identify their Vulnerabilities
  • Determine Compliance Gaps
  • Prioritize Remediation options

Benefits of Doing the Scan Security Assessment

Gain Transparency

You can’t protect what you don’t see. Our security assessment gives you immediate, global visibility into assets throughout your entire network, including servers, devices, peripherals, workstations and more. Instantly identify each asset’s hardware or software versions, on-board OS, IP address, open ports, certificate status and end of support dates among other important details.

Reduce your exposure

Today, companies of all sizes are under attack and anyone with an internet connection has the potential for exploitation. Our security assessment pinpoints every threat your JDE installation that is currently exposed, along with providing links and step by step instructions on what you need to do to remediate each vulnerability.

Prevent business loss

System downtime, lost revenue, cleanup costs, and loss of trade secrets due to network compromises cost businesses millions each year. Hacks cost an average of $53,000 each for response, investigation, recovery, and prosecution, not including the potentially immeasurable business cost of lost proprietary or confidential data.