ERP Security Guide

ERP Security Guide

ERP Security Guide

6 Necessary Steps to Protect your Data 

Where it used to be considered as a luxury option before, security nowadays is a very relevant theme in business environments.

 And it should be, since the world we live in becomes increasingly connected. No matter the size of your company and no matter the market you operate in: you too can be the target of an attack by hackers.

So, minimizing the security risk in your organization should be high on the board’s priority list.

From Boundary Defense to Data Recovery

 That’s easily said, but where to start? Where are the weak points in your protection and what should be done first? Of course the companies vital systems should be well protected. This white paper explains 16 necessary steps you should take in order to secure your data and your ERP system.

We give you a sneak preview by introducing 6 of these steps here:

  1. Inventory Software
  2. Continuous Vulnerability Assessment
  3. Controlling Administrative Privileges
  4. Data Recovery Capability
  5. Incident Response and Management
  6. External and Internal Penetration Tests

16 Requirements for ERP Security

The white paper ‘Securing Your Data, Securing Your ERP’ further explains these 6 topics as well as 10 other necessary phases towards a secure business environment. Download the white paper now and protect your organization against cybercrime.

Source: JD Edwards

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