Cloud Computing Continues Strong Climb [Infographic]

Cloud Computing Continues Strong Climb [Infographic]

Cloud Computing Continues Strong Climb [Infographic]

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The trend, to move infrastructure and software from onsite to the cloud, continues it's upward climb.  It's a decision that many IT Leaders, if they haven't already, will be facing over the next few years.

CIO Perspective

A recent survey by Nomura Research, asked 50 CIO's about their intentions on moving to the cloud. The graph below shows the trend of moving from onsite to the cloud.

Cloud Provider Perspective

Looking from the supply side, Google Cloud Platform, the third leading public cloud provider behind Amazon and Microsoft, has picked up some name brand clients - Disney, Apple and Spotify. Google also announced two new massive data centers in Oregon and Tokyo, the first of 10 new datacenters they are rolling out by end of 2017. Amazon Web Service (AWS) has been achieving 50% or better Year over Year growth for the last 5 years. 

The Economy of The Cloud

If you are just beginning to consider the cloud to be a bigger part of your IT strategy, here's an intersting overview on The Economy of the Cloud. 

The Cloud, Business Technology Trends and the Road Ahead

Cloud technology has had a dramatic impact on how companies of all size view their IT operations and as this Digital Golden-Age continues, you can be sure there's more technological innovations right around the bend.

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