Google Is Playing Games With Us!

Google Is Playing Games With Us!

Google's hidden secret is going to burn a lot of productivity in the office!

Psst... I've got a little secret for you... Google has added a couple of fun little time wastersproductivity killersbrain-power stimulators to it's browser, and they're hiding in plain sight.

Since we talk about business technology, IT leadership and strategies to help your company achieve digital transformation so much at Allari, I figured it would be ok if we slacked off a little bit to let you in on this cool new trick. But you've got to promise, just keep this between us. 

When your boss isn't looking click open your trusty Google omnibar (it works in Explorer, IE and Chrome, along with mobile, as long as you're using the Google browser), and type in either "Solitaire" or "Tic Tac Toe", and BAM!- say good bye to the next hour of your life! 

Thanks to Google's new little trick, you'll now be able to stimulate your brain with either classic game right inside of your browser. Tic Tac Toe can be played against the computer with adjustable difficulty or you can take turns playing with friends using the same computer. It will even keep a running tally of wins and losses... so you'll at least have something to show for your last couple hours of work. 

Search for "Solitaire" and you'll see a pop up version of the game. Just select your difficulty level and you're ready to go. They've done a great job in the design work of the game, very simple, very clean. There's even little Google logos on the back of the cards.   

So there you go. A fun little way to do some... mental recharging when your work day is dragging on. Another way to procrastinate on turning in those inventory updates or completing that efficiency report. As if Google hadn't already connecting us to enough distractionary content- management around the country will be thrilled!

Now remember, just keep this little secret between us.

When you're done wasting time, get ahead on your IT leadership game.

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Chris Metzger
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